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North Shore Subdivisions Builder

What A North Shore Subdivisions Builder Can Do For Your Residential Site Development Project


When it comes to residential site development projects, you have a lot more things to think about besides basic property development tasks. Your project is about creating a safe neighbourhood for families to live and grow in. The key to making your project a success is finding contractors that share the same values and understand your vision. To achieve this you need an experienced North Shore subdivisions builder.


The best construction companies in the state offer specialized residential site development services. They help businesses developing subdivisions, multi-family homes, and other types of residential community housing.


North Shore subdivision builderLocal construction firms often have more understanding of the importance of developing safe housing for local communities. Housing projects that are well-engineered, attractive, and safe. Primarily, however, your subdivisions need to be appealing to potential home buyers.


Most residential housing projects are developed in stages with construction work taking place after some residents have moved in. Therefore, you need to hire contractors that can adopt a convenient construction schedule to reduce disruption for those who have just moved into the area.


Key services offered by a reputable construction company are:

  • Paving recreational spaces
  • Construction site preparation work
  • Building walkways and cycle paths
  • Road construction
  • Pond and lake construction


Subdivision Site Preparation

Site preparation work is arguably the most important part of any subdivision project. When done properly it can eliminate a whole host of issues further down the road including utility malfunctions and ground erosion. Investing in proper site preparation will save your business a lot of money in the long term. It is essential to hire a North Shore subdivision builder with a proven track-record.


Key components of subdivision site preparation are:

  • Grading
  • Excavation and compaction
  • Installation of storm drains, sanitary waste systems and water utilities
  • Recreational lot paving
  • Building pad installation
  • Asphalt parking lots, walkways and driveways
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Sports court paving


All paving work for recreational areas needs to be safe, functional, attractive, and durable. After all, you don’t want to have to pay for sport courts repaving every day. Asphalt used for a running track, basketball court, etc. needs to be durable and not require regular maintenance work. Top-rated construction companies have decades of experience constructing safe, long-lasting recreational lots, and sports courts. They can also resurface existing areas.

Damaged asphalt walkways pose a hazard for residents and legal liability for project owners. The good news is that construction firms can provide resurfacing or asphalt overlays to recreate durable pathways that match the surrounding area. Getting new asphalt paths can be costly, but the best firms offer affordable repaving services and can assist with walkway designs for your subdivision project.


Residential Road Construction

Residential road construction is a big part of any large residential site development project. Depending on the design and layout of the site, construction work can include:

  • Residential streets
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Sidewalk construction
  • Secondary roads


If you need road and paving construction work for an existing development project, you should hire a North Shore subdivisions builder that can design the least intrusive work schedule to minimise disruption for residents and visitors. Many companies can work overnight or at the weekend when there is less need for access.


If you have a subdivision project on the North Shore, Cain Built has worked on a range of jobs.